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now that I finished the MLAATR drawing video , I'm back on heavy commissions duty ! ... I'm open for commissions and have artworks for sale ... contact me if you're interested

also , I removed all the monetization on my youtube videos and created a new channel

here is why I removed the monitization :

1- I can't transfer the money to my bank account
2- I don't have enough views to benefit from the videos
3- I'm still learning to make better videos , so until then , I'll stick to just fun stuff

and here is my new Channel :…
it's for videos that only work on a few devices because of Copyrights issues ... and they are not monetized either  
since the last two months , I've been badgered and threatened and even terrorized by a bunch of people regarding my art , both clean and adult.
and I've been disturbed for weeks nonstop , and even though the people who did that no longer talking to me , they still give me looks , hints with their words , insults and hurtful comments about what I do. but I can only stand a certain amount of these things , and I'm running out of patience.

I'm no longer free , fear is consuming me , and where I live , that fear is real and dangerous .
but artists shouldn't be afraid , shouldn't be sad or disturbed or angry when it comes to doing what they love , art is about letting out those feelings through art without fear and without worry .

a few of you tried to ask me why I'm afraid , but I can't tell you , so don't ask . all I can say is that my fear is stopping me from drawing peacefully , so I'm gonna spend a couple of days just fixing that .

art is free from the rules people , and the moment the rules apply to it , it's no longer art or worth doing .

fear is the ultimate enemy for art , or at least it is for me now

so fear nothing guys and girls , do your best , create without fear , because to me or any artist with the same issues as mine :

" the rules of this world are meant to be broken , or forever cower and die "
who do you want me to draw next on youtube ?

  1. CJ from Regular Show ( Link : )
  2. Hekapoo from star vs the forces of evil ( Link : )
  3. XJ9 - Jenny Wakeman from my life as a teenage robot ( Link : )
  4. Randy Cunningham 9th grade Ninja ( Link : )
  5. Kendall Perkins from Kick Buttowski ( Link : )
  6. Ronnie Anne from the loud house ( Link : )
  7. Jackie from Star Vs the Forces of Evil ( Link : )
  8. BECKY PRIM on youtube only ( Link : )
  9. Beetlejuice ( Link : )
  10. Ladybug anime version ( Link : )

Vote here :…

also , for those who don't know yet , I have a Main Blog for all my art ! ... contact me to get the link to it


as usual , I will do another voting for who to draw next in my Youtube video ...
this time , there is no limitation on shows , you can suggest any character from any TV show or even web-comic or online series or even a single animated Youtube video ...

PS : how many of you want me to draw " XJ9 " aka " Jenny Wakeman " from " my life as a teenage robot " ?!


my commissions list is starting to clear up for new people , and I'm making a lot of new offers as well as Perches bonuses
here are my Prices :

my Prices :
( per character )
10$ sketch
20$ lineart
25$ flat color lineart
30$ fully colored and shaded
( backgrounds cost extra )

if you order a Big commission with over 100$ price , you will get bonuses with it ( Big commissions also include comic pages )

there is a Discount on certain TV characters ( mostly famous ones with active fan-base to this day ) ,
if you order such character , you get a discount on the price

special offer : I now do my own original style as cheap sketches , each cost only 10$
here is examples : 
IvanksMW - Request by Silent-Sid MasterMikeCue - Request by Silent-Sid AnxiousMoFo89 - Request by Silent-Sid khalilfrederick - Request by Silent-Sid NekoToaster360 - Request by Silent-Sid Red-Sid - the Careless and the Harmless by Silent-Sid Silent-Sid - Chibi Designs by Silent-Sid
comic strips however cost 10$ per panel :
Red-Sid - 04 a Paper God P1 by Silent-Sid

also , I have artworks for sale , each one cost 20$ ... there is a discount if you buy 5 artworks together , the total price become 50$ + you get bonuses artworks
here they are : 
Overwatch - Tracer Vacation by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - PPGD - Blossom Tease by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - PnF - Reindeer Isabella by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Bleach - Tatsuki Arisawa BDSM by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - The Loud House - Christmas Lori by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Danganronpa - Monaca by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Black Cat - Eve by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Family Guy - AU Meg by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Juniper Lee - Angry by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - The Wild Thornberrys - Eliza by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - PnF - Isabella Waiting by Silent-Sid The Loud House - Leia Lori - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Adventure Time - Marceline - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Death Note - Ryuk Fruits Bowl - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid

however , those particular three have their own offer :
Patreon Prize - Equestria Girls - Angry Rarity by Silent-Sid My Little Pony - Equestria Girls - Dreadful Dash by Silent-Sid My Little Pony - Equestria Girls - GrappleJack by Silent-Sid
you can have any one of them for 50$ with an extra free bonus artwork from above
or you can have all three for 100$ as well as a free bonus from the artworks above !
it's time to switch Fists ! ...
do you know what's great about art ? ... you can draw anything you ever want , so can make all your fantasies come true on paper or computer ... the sky is the limit ... and no matter how good or evil you are , you can enjoy it ! ... freedom is what this is all about ! ...

and do you know why a lot of people draw dark art about death and demons ? ... because even they know that there is no freedom ... they feel like sinners because of their misery ... they draw violence ... blood ... skulls ... because that is truly what exist in this world of slavery ! ... we are all slaves to sins ... but not our own sins ... sins of those who rule our world with money and power ...
Back you fools! 
and even when we call for God , we only find bigger sinners who want to stab us dead with our own faith in God ... we weep , we shiver in fear , we fear the pending Hell knocking at our doors ... we doubt our own faith until we completely lose it ! ... then we walk the earth like zombies ... just waiting for the nightmare to be over ... and in the end we just submit ourselves to the mercy of heaven ... hoping that our faith will save us from the burning lake of fire !

Love and Lust ... that's the norm of this all ! ... God ordered us to love everyone ... but how can we love anyone if we don't love ourselves ?! ... how can we learn to love if we're not allowed to know what love is ? ... and how can the soul find peace if the body is suffering ? ... how can we find happiness in the after life is we don't even know what happiness is on earth ?!

it's time to switch fists ... I will change my methods , but I will NEVER give up on my Ideals ! .... we have the right to be free ! ... we are born free and only we decide what happen to that freedom and only heaven can take away that freedom ! ... the more this world try to make us slaves , the more we will seek the dark corners in life ! ... we have the right to choose ! ... and in here on the internet we choose to draw ! ... we choose to explore the dark corners with our minds ! ... we already harm no one , so why should we give up that freedom ?!

I was doing my business regularly , when my Family called me ... they started talking about laws against art ! ... they literally wanted to screw me over by telling me I can't draw what I want ! ... the conversation quickly escalated into a fight ! ... and now I'm far too stressed to draw anything ! ... the live-stream will be taken down permanently ... and porno-art will become completely private ...

and as soon as the chance open , I'm gonna leave the Hell I live in at the moment !
today has been a conflict ... an argument between me and my family ... regarding my rated 18+ artworks ... I've been burning with rage for over 6 continuous hours ... ... mentioning the law , religion , morals ... being stabbed over and over in all kinds of ways ... my neck hurts , my shoulder is stiff from so much anger ... and now ... now I'm just as Sad as Silent-Sid ... quietly sitting ... thinking about everything I've been through ... my heart beats make a melancholy melody ... my eyes feels like water puddles ... and my throat is sore and clinging close ... this is why I can't say anything ... I already tried a million times ... but I can never do it ... no one hear my voice , no one believe me ... no one is by my side ... and each word I say just back fire ...

it's Hell people ... love and lust both don't exist and can't exist ... we who wish to love are treated like perverted animals ... and those who want to lust get tortured for no good reason ... being told rules that no body ever follow except us ... and when we do , we just get screwed by the rest of the world ... it's already unfair , already rotten , already dark ... 

and here I am now ... should I keep talking ? , even though it will harm me ? .... should I keep drawing ? , even though I can't draw what I want ? .... shall I make money ? , even though all money is dirty ? ... 

I'm willing to heal as many hearts that come to me as possible .... but who will heal my heart ?
Nick Wilde - Icon A Single Tear 

in the end ... this is how it works :
Red-Sid - the Careless and the Harmless by Silent-Sid
this is the last straw ... I'm done ... I'm reconsidering the whole thing right now ... here is the dark truth that you people are living in , it's so clear and yet can't see it :

1- you're all afraid ... afraid of many things that are barely scary ... you're afraid of me ... afraid of talking to me , afraid of my twisted language that is utterly just words that often meant to be creative ... afraid of my honesty ... afraid of my art ... afraid of telling me the truth of how you feel ! ...
I don't know why you're afraid ... and none of you would say it to my face ... I tried messaging you myself ... I tried approaching you and make you talk to me ... but just like in horror movies , you run away from me before I can explain myself ... I'm just an artist ... being afraid of me is just pathetic ... I can't hurt any of you , and I don't even want to hurt any jerks among you ... but if you really wanna be afraid of me , then never come near me ... because I'd rather ignored than be feared for no reason

2- you never listen .... not to me , and not to anyone else ... I talk over and over and over , but no one listen ... I leave you tons of messages , and you never read them ... I understand that some of you find them boring , but when there is not a single one reading them , that's just rude ... if Deviant Art would allow me to write anything I want , I would have just said exactly what I want within my drawings

3- I believed long ago that I could be wrong about everything , so I tried as hard as possible to figure out everything , including the logic of people's minds ... but right now , it's clear to me that a lot of people I talked to were utterly insane ... no sense of logic , no reasonable thinking , Hysteria beyond understanding ... and to top it all off , everyone think they are right .... everyone think he/she has all the answers ... but none of you does have the answers and no one ever do ... I'm willing to accept the fact that I'm a terrible person , but I wont accept the fact that you people are any better than me !

if you're reading this and think that I'm talking about you personally , then you automatically are one of the people I'm talking about ! ...

if you're not afraid of me , and you do listen to me , and believe that no one hold all the answers , then you don't need to be upset or even tell me I'm wrong ...

but when I try to be friendly , a lot of people get un-friendly ...
you like my art , yet you hate me ... you like me , but you hate my art ... you can't take any of those two options ... but if you do , then I wont ask you about it

love me , hate me , screw me , ignore me , ... , etc whatever .... I'm switching to " I don't care " Mode ... I'm gonna get careless , because you people are careless ...
I won't reply to you anymore ... I won't give you a smiley face or a thank-you note anymore ... and when you thank me for anything , I wont reply ... but I will keep saying one same thing in notes to whoever actually care enough , and here it is :

" if you would like to talk to me ... contact my email : " 

if you truly care , then I dare you to contact me ! ... I dare you to be human ! ... and if you can understand , then just know that the reason I won't reply to you here , is because it never do any good for me ...

I will make contests , I will make voting , I'll even post more journals ... but I'll always ask you to contact me outside ... because I don't want people who are afraid of me ! -_-

if you really wanna be in my next Honorable Mentions Journal like those other people before , then you better grow a spine and talk to me ! ... anyone can get in that Journal , just as long as they listen and talk to me ... even for the simplest reason !!!
Honorable Mentions Journal #1hey there ... this Journal is dedicated to those who not only been with me for a long time , but also showed the best interest in both my art and my own person
this is the first Journal dedicated for them as well as more to come in the future ... so I'd like to thank each and every one of those :
ooops , sorry , forgot her : :iconboomerlov

that's how I am for fools ... just a serious , anti-social , twisted minded , Paper God :
Red-Sid - 04 a Paper God P1 by Silent-Sid
that is how fools see me ! ... and they are afraid !

PS : congrats to those who commented on my latest posts ... you are already more human than the rest of man-kind

Hey again ... I just wanna announce that I'm starting a brand new service in addition to my usual art ...

I'm now Officially starting to Design Characters ! ... aka " OCs for sale " ! ... and also offering Updates to the Character if it's commissioned in the future

you can ask for anything , like :

1 - a drawing of a character you already have a story of or a rough design

2 - a full story and a drawing of a Character you have in mind ( I like to tell stories )

3 - in case you need the full package ( like needing a character for a project ) , you can ask for all the details , all you'll need is to specify what you want ,  such as " Fantasy , slice-of-life , horror , magic , comedy , drama , science ( not my favorite , but I can manage ) , and even Anthro "


since this is the very first time I do such things , I'll make reasonable prices ( I won't specify them yet until I analyze how much work they need ) ... but with Great Characters comes Great Responsibilities ! XD LOL


Artworks for Sale :

if you're interested , contact me :

Email :

hey there ... this Journal is dedicated to those who not only been with me for a long time , but also showed the best interest in both my art and my own person
this is the first Journal dedicated for them as well as more to come in the future ... so I'd like to thank each and every one of those :
ooops , sorry , forgot her : :iconboomerlover8:boomerlover8

if any of you think I forgot about him/her , comment on this journal and I'll see if you really did know me as well as those folks above ... and will mention you on my next journal

also , in another Notice , here are my latest artworks for sale :
each one cost 20$ ... there is a discount if you buy 5 artworks together , the total price become 50$ + you get bonuses artworks

if you're interested , contact me :
Email :
first of all , I want you to listen to my voice on this video : 

my voice is Kinda Bad ^^;

my best youtube video so far was this one : [link] ... so I'm planning to draw from " the Loud House " show again to get your best attention ... 

please suggest anything you'd like to me to say on my next voice recording ... this journal will be used as a Suggestion Box , tell me exactly what you'd like me to talk about next ... for examples :

1 - Questions ( could be about anything )
2 - Talk about a TV show
3 - World Issues and Social Drama

PS : I will fully understand if you don't want me to talk at all , so just tell me

AS for my Commissions :

I'm still open for commissions and there is a Discount to whoever commission me from recent shows , such as :

1- the Loud House
2- Steven Universe
3- Powerpuff Girls ( it's not recent , but it has a strong Fan Base )
4- Ben 10 ( 2016 )
5- Rick and Morty
6- Star VS the Forces of Evil
( etc )
ask me about other shows and I'll tell you

PS : if you offer me a good price , I'll make a Speedpaint Video of the drawing you want
hey there .... I'm gonna say this as clear as possible without repeating :

in case you heard this audio recording : [link]  , please tell me : what do you want me to talk about in my next recording ?
1- read fan mail
2- answer questions
3- opinion on the show I'm drawing from
4- Philosophy about certain subject
5- no talking at all , just music in the background

here is the voting link :…

PS : if you pass by this journal , leave a comment
okay .... I had enough !!! ...
no more Journals , no more Contests , no more logs or opinion on things , and no more talking !
I'm never talking about this again ! ... if no one care , then I don't care anymore either ! ... 
I'm tired of trying to make interesting things for you people to read ! ... none of you read nor pay attention to anything I say here or in descriptions or even within the artworks themselves !!! ... and those who do pay attention are the ones who just wanna comment or too shy to say anything !

I failed to complete a lot of things before , but when you people stop caring , you also make me stop trying to finish anything !

some of you may care and actually read what I say with full interest .... but now it's just pointless ...

and if anyone ever give me a love confession again , it better be honest and she better be serious about it ! ... and don't worry , I know how to make sure it's honest ! ( I have a bullet-proof method )

all the contests are cancelled without return ! ... so forget everything , you already don't care anyway

the only things that WILL REMAIN is the voting polls and journals about commissions ! ...

and if you're upset about this , then just send me a message and talk to me directly ! ... cause I'm never talking to the public in journals ever again ... unless something DO change

this world is already falling apart because alot of people don't care about what's right and wrong and it lead to confusion as well ... I thought here things could be a little different , but apparently it's just as bad as the real world ...

so as quote the Lorax : " Unless you care a whole awful lot , nothing will ever change "
hello everyone , after lots of thinking I finally decided on the Contest details

Silent-Sid Christmas Drawing !

all you have to do is draw a Christmas theme drawing of Silent-Sid my OC ... whoever make the best drawing will get one of these artworks for free ( + a Bonus ) :
Patreon Prize - Danganronpa - Monaca by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Family Guy - AU Meg by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Juniper Lee - Angry by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - The Wild Thornberrys - Eliza by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - PnF - Isabella Waiting by Silent-Sid The Loud House - Leia Lori - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Adventure Time - Marceline - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Death Note - Ryuk Fruits Bowl - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid

the best drawing will be used when I make a Christmas drawing Video later on ...


for those who want the Raffle contest , I just want to remind you that you'll have to pay a 10$ fee to enter the Raffle Box ... if you're interested in being in the Raffle contest , send me a message or a note and I'll inform you of the rest of the details 
hey there everyone ... I know that you're a little upset about my constant journals ( I'm just having alot of bad luck in my artworks ) ... but I know how to move things a bit ... a friend online told me that I should make a contest , where the winner get one of these artworks for free :
Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Death Note - Ryuk Fruits Bowl - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Adventure Time - Marceline - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid The Loud House - Leia Lori - Patreon Prize by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - PnF - Isabella Waiting by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - The Wild Thornberrys - Eliza by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Juniper Lee - Angry by Silent-Sid Patreon Prize - Family Guy - AU Meg by Silent-Sid

so what would be the perfect contest Idea to go with ?

here is my main Ideas for possible contests :

  1. a drawing contest : where my watchers/fans draw my characters in a very attractive drawing and the one who make the best artwork win one of those artworks above ( obviously will be chosen by the winner )
  2. a 5$ Raffle : simply , people pay 5$ on paypal to be placed in a Raffle ... then whoever get picked up from the Raffle can choose one of the artworks above as a prize (  there will be more than one winner at the Raffle )
  3. speed contest : I'm not sure what it could mainly be , but I was thinking that it could be a posting contest , something like someone posting links to my account in a record time , win the game and the prize

those are the main possible Ideas ... but what do you think is the best one to be done ? ... which would be the best contest ?

if you have any good Ideas for a contest , tell me

PS : sorry about the endless journals .... I'm having too man problems to draw at the moment
well ... the title say it all ... I talk too much , but in the end I feel better than I was before ... so ... sing it with me :

Looking up at a sunny sky, so shiny and blue
And there's a butterfly
Well, isn't that a super fantastic sign
It's going to be a super fantastic day
Such marvelousness
It's gonna bring a pocket full of songs that I'm gonna sing
And I'm ready to take on anything
Some super fun surprise around each corner
Just riding on a rainbow, I'm gonna be okay

I'm not giving up today
There's nothing getting in my way
And if you knock knock me over
I will get back up again
If something goes a little wrong
Well you can go ahead and bring it on
Cause if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again
Oh oh oh, get back up again

I'm marching along I got confidence
I'm cooler than a pack of peppermints
And I haven't been this excited since
I can't remember when!

I'm off on this remarkable adventure
Just riding on a rainbow
What if it's all a big mistake
What if it's more than I can take
No I can't think that way cause I know
I'm really really gonna be okay

I'm not giving up today
There's nothing getting in my way
And if you knock knock me over
I will get back up again
If something goes a little wrong
Well you can go ahead and bring it on
Cause if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again

Get up, get up, get up
Get back up again
Get up, get up, get up

I'm okay!

Get up, get up, get up
If you knock knock me over, knock knock me over
I will get back up again 
a lot of times this happened to me ... people act weird ... to put it bluntly : they talk to me as if I'm very important or counter opposite , that they are the ones who are very important 

what's so special about me ? ... what's so special about you ? ... what's so special about us ?

1- myself :

I ... just like any other person and/or artist , had a childhood tainted by so many twisted and bad things , being raised as if everyone know everything ... that I never know anything about anything ... that is why I have a certain opinion about both children and adults ... I often side with children because they are much more honest than adults , which make them slightly less bad ... but I still have an opinion about both sides , and it's both good and bad ... still I'm sure all of you have something similar or slightly different or completely different ... over all .. I think that I'm only special when I do something nice for other people ... that if I do something with pure good intentions , I'm being nice ... however , I'm not so nice either , I have angry moments when I become mean and selfish sometimes ... but even when I'm angry , I keep a sensible mind that keep good thoughts going , instead of becoming a monster ... so the summery is : I believe I'm special as long as I do good or right or simply being nice ( still , what's right/good/nice is relatively diverse , there is more than one form of those things )

2- Everyone Else :

well , from my personal point of view , everyone is more or less the same as me ... certain kind of life , certain likings and dislikings , certain desires ... and just like me , they are only special when they do good/right/nice things ... more than once I tried to understand them , and all I found was selfish and annoying thoughts ... they think they are so special , that they know everything and I know nothing ... but if they know so much and so well , then why do they live the same tiring life I do ? ... shouldn't knowing so much help you live a better life ? ... that's when I drew the line and said : " you know nothing and will never know anything , if you wanna be jerks to me , then I'll just remove you from my life ... or simply ignore you like the fools you are " ... more or less they hate me , but they never liked me anyway ... so ... are they special ? ... no ... are you special ? ... I doubt it ... no one is special by making others feel worthless or stupid ... so if any of you want to be special , try being nice instead of a " know-it-all jerk " ... even if people are mean to you , you can still turn the table by holding your tongue and use a sensible mind instead , that way you'll be far better than you think , and actually become special !

3- Us :

this earth existed long before any of us , and no matter what we do , it will keep existing ... good ... bad ... it will remain ... and even if it didn't ... we are more or less as worthy as itself ... so ... you can be angry , you can be happy , you can be sad , you can be afraid , or you can be a terrible person , none of those things matter ... even if you're a victim of events , it still doesn't matter ... we all will die and we all will be misunderstood as well as misunderstand ... so why there is still people who think they worth more ? ... how can anyone worth more ? ... the answer is nothing , there is nothing to make you worth more than others ... though still ... if we really worth nothing ... shouldn't we make the most of our lives ? ... shouldn't we try to have a good time ? ... a party of people who actually feel good together and have fun together ? ... and if we are good to everyone , we may be remembered as well as the great people before us :) ... that much is true ... so live life , be good , feel good ... and never try to make things worse by forcing your thoughts on others ... don't think about killing and death , instead think about making your life better and more peaceful ... be who you are , that's the ultimate thing to be done in life ... we're all gonna be gone one day , so lets not make today a sour day to be forgotten along with ourselves


finally I'd like to say : 

don't be afraid of talking to me , and don't be mean by thinking who is better ... we're all on the same boat in life ... and what I desire is someone who share my interests and would like to get on the same groove with me ... so don't worry and speak to me if you want to

PS : many people are worried about this through their messages to me , so I'm gonna say it clearly now : what I wrote in this journal is not limited to guys or girls , so stop being anxious ! ... none of you is the only man or woman in the world !!!
I'm making a small fun research :) ... who are the top 10 Bleeders ? ( artists who draw in Bleedman style )

I'm obviously one of them , but I would like to know who else is a Bleeder ! ;P

so ... here is the question :

can anyone tell me who draw in Bleedman style beside me ?

hey everyone , I'm taking quick commissions at the moment , since a lot of issues are being dealt with right now , I need quick cash ... there is a discount if you commission a recent/popular animated show ... the discount will be 10$ off of any drawing you want ... ( unless it's a sketch , cause a sketch only cost 10$ )
the prices are :

  • 10$ sketch
  • 20$ lineart
  • 25$ flat-color lineart
  • 30$ fully colored and shaded

( all per character )

Cartoon Romance Theory

... this is just something most of you know , while the rest of you didn't realize it yet ...

did you know that animation companies are trying as hard as possible not to make cartoon children achieve true love satisfaction ? ( at least until recently they have changed that entirely ) ...

they make lovers in cartoons have so many perils and rarely allow the lovers to get together in the end ... there is many reasons why is that , but here is what is commonly known :

  • 1- they don't want kids to get romantic emotions , out of fear of reaching the " carnal lust zone " ... so they try to keep those thoughts under control , but instead they are fueling the internet with " special art " about things that some are just out of the context of the characters

  • 2- fear of confusing the kids about what love is , which is already failed and lots of people to this day are confused about their emotions , some are because of cartoons and some is because of other reasons ( each person think differently )

  • 3- they don't even know what love is ... it's possible that they consider love to be a mathematical thing , that blind love is impossible , so they make chains of thoughts that lead to all kinds of issues in the cartoons romance department ... I can't blame them though , cause sometimes it take that form in real life

  • 4- Open Ending , some of them just want an open ending that can bend in so many ways , that the kid himself can imagine what will happen in his own head , which is very good , but also bad thing for those who lack sound-imagination

  • 5- last but not least , the Public Opinion , the creators of cartoons deeply fear the reaction of moderators and/or moral communities in the audience , more than once a show was shutdown before it was known because people simply didn't accept that side of cartoons , painfully and foolishly rejected that Idea of children love , which is strange in many ways , but also did a huge damage to alot of people

so here is my question to you my watchers :
do kids deserve to have that kind of love ? ... or is it just impossible to understand at all ?
I'll be busy for a while until Halloween night , so to keep things fun till then , I'm gonna start a brand new voting game for November !!! ... 

I was reviewing my artworks and I noticed a lack of males in the artworks ... and since the last time I did a boy drawing , there was nice amount of views and replies , I wanna try it over again ...
( this is probably something for girls more than guys )

it's the Boys Time !

Cool Boys
Cute Boys
Nasty Boys

Awesome Boys
Handsome Boys
Bad Boys
Hero Boys
Evil Boys
Emo Boys

Nice Boys

Silly Boys


post a comment on this journal of which cartoon boy you want me to draw for November ... you can choose any kind of boy you like

you can also include details on the drawing if you want , such as the pose or outfit , or even if you want a " Special-Version " ( hint ! hint ! )

I just wanted to post this now before I forget ... see you fellows on Halloween !

PS : the reason why I don't do anime characters is simply because I don't watch anime often ... it makes me get depressed for weeks and be unable to draw ... so if you want me to draw anime boys , it will be limited to the animes I saw until now